$NAOS Logo Competition — Winners announced

A big THANK YOU to our community for all the wonderful logo contributions! We were humbled to receive so many applications and were awed by the creativity of our community members. We asked you to deliver and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

The finalists were selected by NAOS’s Marketing Team along with our founder — Kevin, based on aesthetics, usability on our various social media and wallet icons and how well it reflects NAOS Finance’s values. While we saw many super creative and impressive logos, the team ended up prioritizing the simple designs that we thought spoke most to our eventual goal of becoming the preeminent DeFi lending protocol.

Here are the top 5 entries and the winner of the NAOS logo competition !

Logo 1 : Designed by Labrada Chang

Logo 2 : Designed by Phạm Thảo Anh.

Logo 3 : Designed by Bradford Pretorius

Shout out to Bradford for submitting more than one astonishing design. Listed below is the second submission of Bradford, it’s a shame that we can only select one submission per person to ensure fairness within the competition.

Logo 4 : Designed by Dwayne Baker

And Finally, the winner and the final selection for NAOS Logo Competition — Neo Cheng.

Next steps:

Winners, please keep an eye on your email inbox and you’ll be contacted by our team right now to receive your prizes.

About NAOS Finance

NAOS Finance is a DeFi lending protocol allowing lenders and SME borrowers to facilitate permissionless and borderless loaning/borrowing transactions on the blockchain. Built on Ethereum and Interplanetary File System (IPFS), our platform lets users tokenize real-world assets and subsequent lending.

$NAOS is the governance token and can be used to interact with the protocol and earn rewards. Users have the option to lend, borrow, stake, and mine to transact with others around the globe and earn additional rewards with our token.

Additionally, we give users the ability to earn the highest interest rates on loans with identical terms and participate in private capital markets.

We operate compliantly and legally in top markets around the globe, maintaining safety as a top priority and fostering enhanced trust in the lending/borrowing process.

To remain informed on everything about our project, be sure to visit our website and join the family by following our social media platforms:

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