Following the successful completion of our public raise on Polkastarter and the IDO on Uniswap, we are thrilled to finally be able to unveil our decentralized lending project to the world.

We want to sincerely thank everyone who made our token generation event such a success, as you are the reason we are able to continue building innovative lending and borrowing products! Here is a recap of our token generation event for those who missed it:


We conducted our public raise on Polkastarter, which has extremely high standards regarding who they work with, so we were pleased to be amongst a group of select few projects they chose to collaborate with to launch.

Shortly after Polkastarter, the $NAOS token launched at the price of $0.185 on Uniswap, which is the same as the listing price offered to the Polkastarter participants. The pricing strategy was by design to allow community members who did not get into the whitelist to join us on our journey.

We held two pools on Polkastarter, a private pool and a POLS pool, and both sold out exceedingly fast. The POLS allocations sold out in about 3 minutes, and closed the private pool in 12 minutes.

We couldn’t be happier to finally be able to build the project together with our communities, knowing that each step and mis-step will be reflected through the token price.

NAOS Finance will continue to improve:

  • We made a mistake on the announcement of the initial circulating supply: We had announced it as 8.1M tokens, but we failed to include the 1.08M supplied to the Uniswap liquidity pool. The total should be 9.18M
  • The total/max/circulating supplies are being updated on #CoinmarketCap and #CoinGecko, we strive to provide the most accurate information about NAOS to the members of our communities.
  • There are still a few folks who have not claimed their NAOS token. Please follow the instructions here to claim. We thank you for the support!
  • We recognized that many of our supporters had trouble with the KYC process, we sincerely apologize for failing to address and resolve all of your issues in a timely manner. We will continue to improve the processes with our partners to ensure no supporter is left behind. We thank you again for your utmost support!

Moving Forward

We have provided liquidity only on Uniswap for the trading of NAOS tokens here, yet have noticed that there are other trading platforms that have listed NAOS and we appreciate their votes of confidence.

Please ensure you verify the proper token addressing before swapping (0x4a615bb7166210cce20e6642a6f8fb5d4d044496), as there are scammers out there always looking to take advantage of unsuspecting users.

We are incredibly grateful for the heartfelt support we have received and would like to continue to show you our gratitude by working hard to deliver a game-changing platform to the stakeholders. Now we are working on the MIP6 application with MakerDao and the preparation for CEX listing & staking features.

This is but just the beginning for NAOS Finance, so make sure you follow us on all social channels, including Telegram, Twitter, and Discord as we continue to grow and redefine the corporate lending and borrowing stratosphere. Stay tuned!

About NAOS Finance

NAOS Finance is a DeFi lending protocol allowing lenders and SME borrowers to facilitate permissionless and borderless loaning/borrowing transactions on the blockchain. Built on Ethereum and Interplanetary File System (IPFS), our platform lets users tokenize real-world assets and subsequent lending.

$NAOS is the governance token and can be used to interact with the protocol and earn rewards. Users have the option to lend, borrow, stake, and mine to transact with others around the globe and earn additional rewards with our token.

Additionally, we give users the ability to earn the highest interest rates on loans with identical terms and participate in private capital markets.

We operate compliantly and legally in top markets around the globe, maintaining safety as a top priority and fostering enhanced trust in the lending/borrowing process.

To remain informed on everything about our project, be sure to visit our website and join the family by following our social media platforms:

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